Many galleries all over the world now sell modern and contemporary Indian art. Not surprisingly, most of these galleries are located in India, but many galleries in e.g. New York, London, Berlin and Singapore have regularly exhibitions on modern and contemporary Indian art.

Scandinavian galleries have so far shown little interest in showing art from India, but this is expected to change. The websites of the galleries are a good place to follow the development of contemporary Indian art.

There is an increasing public interest in modern Indian art, which has resulted in exhibitions being mounted in a number of museums world-wide: in the past decade Moscow, Milan, Paris and Oslo have had successful shows.

Where to View Modern and Contemporary Indian Art

Saffronart has an Art Directory, which shows an extended list of galleries. Unfortunately, the galleries are often not very close to each other and not always easy to find, but be patient and you will most likely be rewarded for your efforts.


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