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If you want to know more about modern and contemporary Indian art, you will most likely find the mentioned books(list on right side) and art magazines of interest.

The Danish Connection - links to people from the Danish art society who have fallen in love with Contemporary India art.

The following art magazines can also be recommended:

Finally, on the internet you can find more above Indian contemporary art on e.g.:

  1. India 20. Conversations with Contemporary Artists. Anupa Mehta. Mapin Publishing. 2007. ISBN 978-81-88204-99-4
  • India 25 Contemporary Indian Artists. Nicolas Bourriaud and Ravi Kumar. Ravi Kumar Publisher, Paris 2007.   ISBN 81-87330-17-1
  • India Express. Sacred and Popular. Helsinki City Art Museum. 2006. ISBN 951-8965-61-7.
  • Indian Summer. La jeune scéne artistique indienne. École nationale supériure des beaux-arts de Paris. 2005. ISBN 2-84056-183-2.
  • A Guide to 101 Modern & Contemporary Indian Artists. Amrita Jhavaeri. India Book House. 2005. ISBN 81-7508-423-5.      
  • Edge of Desire Recent art in India. Chaitanya Sambrani, Kajri Jain, Ashish Rajadhyakcha. Philip Wilson Publishers. 2005. ISBN-10: 0856675814
  • The tree from the seed. Contemporary art from India. Henie Onsted Kunstsenter. 2003. ISBN 82-90955-55-3
  • Video Art in India. Essays by- Pooja Sood and Johan Pijnappel. Apeejay Media Gallery, New Delhi. 2004.
  • Call of the Real. Contemporary Indian Artists from Bengal. Modhumrima Sinha.Mapin Publishing. 2003. ISBN 81-88204-28-5.
  • Indian art: an overview. Gayatri Sinha.  Rupa and Company, New Delhi. 2003.
  • Contemporary Indian Art. Other Realities. Yashodhara Dalmia. Marg publications. 2002 ISBN 81-85026-55-6.
  • Indian Art. Partha Mitter. Oxford University Press. 2001. ISBN 0-19-284221-8
  • Twentieth Century Indian Sculpture - the last two decades. Shivaji K. Panikar. Marg Publication, Mumbai. 2000.
  • Art of Modern India. Balraj Khanna and Aziz Kurtha. Thames and Hudson. 1998. ISBN 0-500-28046-0.
  • The flamed-mosaic. Indian Contemporary Painting. Neville Tuli. Mapin Publishing. 1997. ISBN 8-185822-45-X.
  • Contemporary Indian Art. Glenbarra Art Museum. 1993. ISBN 4-7952-2977-5.

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