Sohan Qadri

April 2018

After 12 years as art promoter I’m changing my position to art dealer, or rather transforming myself from one artistic area of activity to another. It has always been my opinion that it isn’t possible to be both promoter and dealer at the same time, as they can be conflicting positions. As promoter you should be independent, which you are not as dealer.

Over time I have shown works of more than 70 artists from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Furthermore, I have reported on and reviewed exhibitions and collections of Indian contemporary art all over the world. In all modesty, I can claim to have been a considerable influence in promoting art and artists from these countries.

But now I have reached an age, where I have to accept that it would be better for the works in my collection to be hanging on somebody else’s wall instead of be hiding in the dark in my storeroom. In other words, I plan to start selling most of the works in my collection; collected since 1987.  There are always works so dear to me that will not be sold.

My website will be the same as always, but it will not be updated regarding new works and information. However, you can still learn many things about Indian contemporary art on my website e.g. exhibitions at galleries. If you subscribe to Hervé Perdriolle’s Newsletter you will have an excellent update of the Indian art marked.

If you want to see what I’m selling visit Should you be interested in buying a specific work then please contact me for further information and if needed, arrange for a preview.

Hoping we also will be in contact in the future.

Preben Gondolf
Art Promoter


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